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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NECA Packaging: Clamshell vs. Tube

I am doing a horrible job at restraining myself when it comes to these NECA figures. I really shouldn't need more than one of each, and since I open all of my toys, I shouldn't have anything in the packaging. Buuut... I decided awhile ago to keep one Mike in the clamshell packaging, since it's quite sharp looking. Then the "tube" packaging came out and I decided I'd get Mike in one of those, too. I had to go to eBay for that and I finally got him today. Above is a comparison of the two. It's hard to believe it's really the same figure!

I really like the tube packaging. I'd love to have a bunch of these to stack in a display! But no, I will restrain myself there. I have to stop somewhere. As it stands, I ended up with a second clamshell Mike that is still unopened, I have a basic box set on the way, not to mention the NYCC Exclusive set that I also have. Oy!


  1. That tube packaging is very enticing... But I've already bought all four turtles in the regular clamshells plus the 4-pack. I couldn't possibly justify getting the tubes, too. Or can I? No, no, I better resist. :p

  2. Good luck. My attempts at resistance failed miserably. ^_^