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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mini-Mutants Series 2 Now Shipping

I found the second series of the Mini-Mutants figures in Target tonight. This series is based on the old 2K3 Paleo Patrol figures. Each Turtle comes decked in dinosaur garb and comes paired with its own dino creature... thing.

Pics of the three Turtles that were on the peg (Mike, Leo, Raph) are below. Don can be seen on the back of the card to the left.

I personally can't find anything worth spending money on in this series, so I happily left them all on the peg as I continue my boycott of crappy TMNT products (about 99% of what is available right now). Although I suppose these are still a billion times better than "Music Don."


  1. I like these and would want them since I missed on Paleo Patrol the first time round.

    I hope the standard of TMNT products take a step up. We need something that is good that isn't NECA TMNT hitting the toy shelves.

  2. -->> Heh .. the winged red guy wasn't Draco at all .. >;]


  3. You could pass him off as Draco though.