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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Picture

Just because this is the view I'm constantly looking at while at my computer, and I had my camera handy, here's the top of my PC and the goodies that live there. From left to right there's a bootleg Saint Turtle figure, Yoda candy dish now a pencil (and sonic screwdriver) holder, small-scale unleashed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mike figure, Mike lamp, small holographic Obi-Wans, and Jersey Devil.

I find the lamp to be a particularly curious item, as it's basically an old bubble bath soakie with a lamp stuck through it. As much as I never thought I needed such an item, my desk is too dark without the secondary light, so I really can't function on my computer without it.


  1. -->> .. good greif,

    when i was small, Yoda actually frightened me..

    .. no i see why .. >v<

  2. Woah, that lamp is weird. Did you find this one ebay? I wonder what compelled the original owner to make this out of an old bubble bath container. I've seen customized lamps using action figures, but this one's a first. The lampshade looks really familiar... Is it from an actual (legit) TMNT lamp? I think there were lamps produced back in the day, but my memory's a bit fuzzy on that.

  3. The lamp is a funny item, isn't it?

    I got this one as a gift from a fellow fan (more of a hand-me-down, rally). While it's obviously made from the old bath soakie (I used to have the exact same one, incidentally), I'm not sure if it is actually homemade. I've seen these before on eBay and the shade is definitely a legit item (and I also can't recall a separate lamp it may have been taken from).

    I will say that I didn't originally expect to make much use of it, but it is now a staple of my desktop and I'd be working blind without it!

  4. Ooh... So these lamps may have been official products using recycled goods? That's interesting. I know Playmates has done that with a few of their figures, so I guess it wouldn't be an uncommon practice.

    I have a lamp next to my computer, too. Not as cool as yours, though.

    Let there be light! *Mikey glows*

  5. With cool items like those on your computer, there is no reason to leave your desk :)