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Monday, March 3, 2008

Official: Blue Bunny Still Sells Ninja Turtles Ice Cream!

After speculating over the weekend that Blue Bunny did, indeed, still sell the Ninja Turtles ice cream that they've been selling since the early 90s (late 80s?), I sent an email to them in search of some confirmation. I received a response today that confirmed it is still sold, but unfortunately you are stuck locating an ice cream man if you want to enjoy it.

Thank you for contacting our Consumer Affairs line in which you inquired about the availability of the BLUE BUNNY Ninja Turtle Face Bars. We truly appreciate hearing from our valued customers.

Unfortunately, the Ninja Turtle Face Bars are Impulse (Ice Cream Trucks, Convenience Stores and in Vending Machines) Items only. They are only sold in single-serve sizes.

They are not available for retail sale through grocery stores. We do not have a list of businesses that sell single-serve items. And, unfortunately, due to the inherent dangers of shipping items on dry ice, we do not have a service to sell directly to the consumer.

We appreciate your interest in our products and taking the time to contact us.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Consumer Relations Specialist
Wells Dairy, Inc.


  1. That's some thorough investigation.

    And an even more thorough response!


  2. Yeah, usually customer relations tend to give people the runaround. That was a very detailed response. Thanks for digging up this info, Rose! Shame that I probably won't have an easy time finding these, but I'm glad to know that kids somewhere are enjoying the same TMNT ice cream that I used to. :)

  3. Don't be fooled. It's honestly very delicious.

  4. -->>'s like sorbet .. correct ,Rose ?? ..>v<