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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coming Out of Their Shells - Hebrew

Here is certainly one of the more obscure things I've picked up over the years. Yes, this is another foreign language edition of the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour - This time in Hebrew.

Once again, I'm offering MP3s of the album for download for a limited time only.

Due to my complete illiteracy in Hebrew, I had to call in some help on the translating of the track names, and even then my volunteer got stumped on a few of of the vowels (but a big thanks to oldmanwinters for at least giving me something to work with!). So the blank underscores are missing vowels. If anyone can offer more complete translations, please let me know and I'll send you a photo of the track names. However, all of the songs are completely recognizable, so providing the English titles is no problem.

Here is your download link.

Track listing:
  1. Ysano M_hs_rion (Coming Out of Our Shells)
  2. Kot pisa (Pizza Power)
  3. Mata (Tubin')
  4. Shira Sh_l (April's Ballad)
  5. Qowabunga (Cowabunga)
  6. Yalak Yashar (Walk Straight)
  7. Ad Mvvt (No Treaties)
  8. Yyalak Im Helev (Follow Your Heart)
  9. Son_ Mosipa (I Hate Music)
  10. Y_s Al Mi L_smok (Count On Us)


  1. Very cool stuff, Rose! Hebrew even makes the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour respectable to this hard-core Turtle fan!
    Glad to be of service with the translation, though this really taught me how rusty I've gotten with my Hebrew. :-|

  2. I love how the Hebrew version gets "I Hate Music" included on the album. Hahaha!

    Thanks again for your help!

  3. This one was a CD, you said?

  4. Now that I'm listening to it, it's obvious. >_< I just thought you were asking for translation of a CD cover...

    I wonder why the US was the only one to get the acoustic version of Coming Out Of Our Shells... I so would have rathered the rock version they even used for the stage-show.

    P.S. - I just noticed your needle skipped on Count On Us. To keep that from happening in the future, try taping a quarter to the arm. ;) Anyhow, thanks for this. ^_^

  5. -->> PEP EH RO NI PEP EH RO NI PEP EH RO NI !! ** .. >v<

  6. 1. Yotzim Mehashirion (Comin' out of our shells)
    2. Koah Pizza (Pizza Power)
    3. Mata (Down Here)
    4. Shira Shel April (April's Song)
    5. Cowabunga
    6. Lech Yashar (Walk Straight)
    7. Ad Mavet ('till Death)
    8. Lech Im Ha Lev (Go With The Heart)
    9. Soneh Musica (Music Hater)
    10. Yesh Al Mi Lismoh (There's Someone to count on)