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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Lost Episodes" Preview Part 3

Here's some more screen caps from the upcoming "Lost Episodes" that will begin airing on 4KidsTV beginning February 9th.

Episode 107 - Legend of the Five Dragons

The Original Shredder

Armor for the Heroes

Shredder's Dragon Avatar

Episode 108 - More Worlds Than One

Stone Oni

Splinter mourns his dead sons
(a nightmare)

Mikey racing with Hiromi

Yoshida's avatar - the wolf

Nazumi tengu

Raphael focusing chi to attack

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  1. We have this season on dvd in Australia. Which I bought a few weeks ago. I really like this ending it was dark, serious with comedic elements thrown in (usually by Mikey ;o)

    It was sad to see the end of this series I loved it soooo much but what a way to finish!!

  2. So it is. But that's how it was spelled in the file I received.

    And frankly, my opinion of 4Kids has fallen so low since this was posted that I really can't say that I care.