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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Comic Book Day

It's new comic book day and today in shops you can find Tales of the TMNT #38, Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #3, and Tales of the TMNT: The Collected Books Volume 4.

If your shop doesn't carry these titles, all three are available from And don't forget that you can get Tales of the TMNT: The Collected Books Volume 4 with an exclusive bookplate drawn by Jim Lawson and signed by the Mirage staff at


  1. -->> AH HELL !! YEH !! that Tales a good story ?? !!


  2. YES! I absolutely LOVE the Tales story. And the one and only Dan Berger has a back-up story!!! It's all kinds of fantastic!

  3. -->> f6ck .. cross all three fingers i get to the Shop ..

    .. i am needin' to feed my Turtle Comic gut again .. >v<