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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tales of the TMNT #42


Tales of the TMNT #42
Ship Date: January, 2008
Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic
Retail Price: $3.25 US $3.95 Canada

Cover art by Dan Berger; story by Dan Berger, art by Jim Lawson

“The Curious Case of Mr. Jones” - Casey Jones is interrogated by "Men in Black" after he and Raphael battled an alien robot that crash landed on Earth. Will Casey reveal who Raphael is to the secret agents? How was the mechanical menace from the stars defeated? And just who are these men of mystery asking all of these questions? All this will be solved and more in Tales of the TMNT #42!


  1. I really enjoy Dans work it's a shame he's not the Artist inside though...soooooo missleading.

  2. Yeah, we definitely need more Dan art.