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Friday, June 29, 2012

Eastman & Sim Art Print With Cerebus Kickstarter Support

About a month ago, Dave Sim (with a little help) launched a Kickstarter campaign to support efforts to digitize his Cerebus comic book. The original plan was to just raise enough to do the "High Society" story, but as support for the project has grown, Sim is now dedicated to releasing all 300 issues in an ultra-high quality digital format.

As is the case with all Kickstarter campaign, there are rewards offered for different support levels. For one of these rewards, Sim is teaming up with Kevin Eastman to create an exclusive art print featuring the TMNT and Cerebus as "Matisse, the Unknown Turtle."

Matisse is shown above; Kevin is still working on finishing the rest of the piece. This print will be sent to all backers who pledge $50 or more. There is a specific $50 level that specifies this print, but anyone who commits to any reward priced at $50 or higher will also get the print.

There is just over 1 day left to support this campaign! Don't delay and don't miss this chance to own a print of what is sure to be an amazing and unique piece of art!

Visit the Kickstarter page and pledge now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IDW TMNT #11 - Variant Cover Guide

Search your couch cushions for some extra change; it's yet another New Comic Book Day! Today you can grab TMNT #11 from your local comic shop, or digitally from comiXology.

Check out a preview!

Cover A
Cover B
Cover A: Dan Duncan.
Regular cover; distributed in a 4:1 ratio with cover B.

Cover B: Kevin Eastman.
Regular cover; distributed in a 1:4 ratio with cover A.

Cover C
Cover D
Cover C: Zach Howard.
Retailer incentive cover; 1 copy sent to retailers for every 10 copies ordered.

Cover D: Kevin Eastman.
Convention exclusive cover for San Diego Comic-Con.
This cover will be sold at the IDW booth at San Diego Comic-Con for $5.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New TMNT Nickelodeon Books Available For Pre-Order

As the debut of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series from Nickelodeon draws near, expect to start to see a new wave of merchandising hit stores. Early signs of the new merchandise have started to hit the Internet, in this case in the form of book pre-orders available on sites like You can check out some of the cover art below, and hit any of the title links to reserve them now. And many, if not all of the titles, are eligible for a buy 3 get the 4th free promotion on Amazon!

Turtle Power!
Turtles to the Rescue!

Mutant Origin: Leonardo/Donatello
Mutant Origin: Michelangelo/Raphael

Saved by the Shell!
Enter the Lair

How to Draw TMNT
Additional titles available in January 2013:

Enter the Lair
How to Draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Robot Rampage!
Sewer Squad!
Half-Shell Heroes!

Robot Rampage!
Sewer Squad!

Monday, June 25, 2012

IDW San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

A very exclusive TMNT item to be sold only at San Diego Comic-Con has become available for pre-order on IDW's website. Pictured above is a special full-color slip cover that comes packages with IDW's TMNT Ultimate Editions Vol. 1-3. The three volumes included will be the variant black and white cover versions. The outside slip cover features some of the same cover art by Kevin Eastman, which has also been colored by Kevin. This package is selling for $200 and is reportedly limited to 40 copies. You can pre-order the set here, but the only shipping option is picking up the set at the convention.

Also available at the convention is an exclusive cover variant of TMNT #11, the regular covers of which will be in stores this Wednesday. This variant is limited to 500 copies and will sell for $5 at the IDW booth.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Trailer For New TMNT TV Series Now Online

The first trailer for the new TMNT series is online! Check it out above, over on, or share it with your friends over on Facebook.

In the trailer we can hear the voices of the four Turtles and can get a better feel for what the animation style is going to be. You can also hear a hint at what might be the theme song, which sounds like a remix of the infamous theme song from the original TMNT cartoon. At the end, the URL is shown on screen, although that site doesn't seem to be live at the moment.

This is likely the beginning of a publicity force that will be launched in full at Comic-Con in a couple weeks. There should be a lot more goodies in the upcoming months!

TMNT Panel Planned for Comic-Con

It's been assumed that Nickelodeon would have a strong TMNT presence at San Diego Comic-Con to advertise the upcoming new TV series, and now we've seen a first glimpse at exactly what it is they have planned.

As reported by Variety, a panel for the show will be held on Friday of the convention. Panelists will include the four Turtles voice actors from the show - Jason Biggs (Leonardo), Sean Astin (Raphael), Rob Paulsen (Donatello), and Greg Cipes (Michelangelo) - as well as executive producer Ciro Nieli.

Additionally, the Nickelodeon booth in the exhibitor hall will have visits from TMNT costumed characters, and possibly autograph signings.

Be sure to stay tuned to Ninja Pizza for more Comic-Con details as the show draws near! And, if you can't make it to the Con, Ninja Pizza will have full coverage of everything TMNT throughout Comic-Con weekend, July 11-15.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IDW Micro-Series #5 Splinter - Variant Cover Guide

This week, IDW's TMNT Micro-Series books expand beyond the four Turtles to bring us a Splinter tale.

Check out the preview!

Cover A
Cover C
Cover A: David Petersen (color).
Regular cover; distributed in a 4:1 ratio with cover B.

Cover C: David Petersen (black & white).
Retailer incentive cover; 1 copy sent to retailers for every 10 copies ordered.

Cover B
Cover B: Charles Paul Wilson III.
Regular cover; distributed in a 1:4 ratio with cover A.