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Monday, June 18, 2012

Free TMNT Comic For Halloween ComicFest 2012

Consider it Free Comic Book Day Part 2. This year on Halloween, Diamond and select comics publishers will be distributing free, specially designed comic books. For the past few years, a small selection of mini comics have been distributed on Halloween, but this is the first year that a larger selection of regular-sized comics will be made available.

For this year's inaugural event, IDW is making available a special Halloween variant of last year's TMNT #1 issue. It seems that the only difference this book has is an orangish-colored cover.

Make sure to ask your local comic shop to get it for you!

"Ninja Turtles" Movie Not To Be Delayed Too Long

Last week's announcement that production on the new TMNT movie scheduled for 2013, which was just about to begin in Vancouver, had been suddenly shut down came as a bit of a shock. As more details became available, it was discovered that the movie has, at this point, only been delayed for about five months.

Variety reports that the new target release date for the project is May 16, 2014.
Sources say "Turtles" was pushed because the filmmakers and studio felt they wouldn't be ready for the October shoot date. Paramount had no comment. 
The shutdown is not indefinite and the plan is to work on the script over the next couple of weeks in order to beef up the material and bring the budget down slightly.
It sounds like there are concerns about the script in its current state, but they're not starting over from scratch, so it's unknown if the "alien" element of the story will remain or not. But if they're trying to bring the budget down, it may be that they need to tone down the amount of effects-heavy space elements. It will certainly be interesting to see how this develops!

Friday, June 15, 2012

New "Ninja Turtles" Movie Cancelled?

An annonymous e-mailer has written in stating that the new TMNT movie that was to film in Vancouver this summer/fall for a Christmas 2013 release has, apparently, been shut down.

The e-mailer, who works in the Vancouver film industry, states that this went down suddenly just yesterday, apparently due to the massive amounts of negative backlash that followed Michael Bay's revelation that the story was to be spaced-based and that the Turtles would now be aliens.

However, although the current production has been halted, there will likely be (yet) another script written for an eventual movie. Maybe...

Ain't It Cool is also now reporting this news.

New TMNT Playmates Action Figures Appear on eBay

Two months ahead of the schedule we've been told, a seller on eBay has gotten ahold of some of the new action figures for the upcoming TMNT CGI cartoon series from Nickelodeon. I'm not going to link to them, but if you go looking, just remember that if you wait you'll be able to easily purchase these for $8.99 in a couple months and the premium for getting them now probably isn't worth it.

Given that we've seen plenty of pictures of the front of the new action figures back in February from Toy Fair, I found the backs of the cards to be interesting to read.

Shellback Artworks Grand Opening Tomorrow

Here's one last reminder that Steve Lavigne's new store of comic stuff opens tomorrow. Details on the opening have been a bit lacking, but the above image showed up on Facebook, which seems to give all the info you need to know.

Looks like it'll be a good time!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IDW TMNT Color Classics #2 - Variant Cover Guide

In today's edition of New Comic Book Day, we have TMNT Color Classics #2! You can pick it up from your local comic shop, or digitally from comiXology.

Check out a preview!

Also available in comic shops today is the TPB of the first four TMNT Micro Series issues from IDW. Other retailers are scheduled to get this book in a couple weeks.

Cover A
Cover B
Cover A: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird (color).
Regular cover.

Cover B: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird (black & white).
Retailer exclusive cover for Jetpack Comics.
This cover is available from Jetpack Comics.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peter Laird Appearing at Shellback Artworks Saturday, June 16

Former Mirage Studios employee Steve Lavigne is opening a combination art supply store, art gallery, and comic book/memorabilia shop this Saturday, June 16. The shop, titled Shellback Artworks, should of particular interest for TMNT fans.

While the specific offerings of the shop still aren't known, Peter Laird has revealed on his blog that he has given Steve the TMNT life-size figures that once hung on display in Kevin Eastman's Words & Pictures Museum. And as a show of his further support of Steve's new business venture, Peter will be appearing at the shop on Saturday to sign autographs from 12-3pm.

Scan thanks to tOkKa/terrible2z on Flickr.

Shellback Artworks
1509 Post Road
Wells, ME 04090

If you go, send in a report!