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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Model & Toy Collector: 1991 TMNT Special

In response to Ryan Brown's post on his blog today with the Fall 1988 issue of Model and Toy Collector, here's the cover to the monster "Special #3" issue that wasn't kidding when it called itself a 1991 Buying Guide.

This thing is PACKED full of the TMNT goodies. Interviews, art, product pictures, more art! There's even an article with pictures of Ryan's Hallowieners characters.

I think magazines often get overlooked a lot as far as collectibles go. Yeah, they're probably not something to invest in if you're looking to make a profit, but for a devoted fan they can be a wealth of information and pictures. Unfortunately, this holds more true for the magazines of 10-20 years ago. Current magazines tend to be more likely to all be recycling the same information and especially the same pictures. Not one magazine article about last year's TMNT movie had a unique picture. The article that appeared in the Sci-Fi Channel's magazine was so poorly written and full of misinformation that I couldn't even bring myself to purchase it.

Luckily, the TMNT hit their stride during a period of time when there was no Internet and underground fanzines and genre magazines were the only way to get information about your favorite comics, TV shows, and movies. Because of this, there is a seemingly endless supply of fantastic TMNT articles from a whole range of magazines. This particular issue of Model & Toy Collector is easily among the best of them. I'll keep in mind to post some of my other favorites in the future.

Dario Brizuela to Appear at Comic-Con!

Dario Brizuela (probably my favorite of the new artists to hit the TMNT scene in recent years) has just announced on his blog that he will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con at the IDW Publishing booth.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NECA Packaging: Clamshell vs. Tube

I am doing a horrible job at restraining myself when it comes to these NECA figures. I really shouldn't need more than one of each, and since I open all of my toys, I shouldn't have anything in the packaging. Buuut... I decided awhile ago to keep one Mike in the clamshell packaging, since it's quite sharp looking. Then the "tube" packaging came out and I decided I'd get Mike in one of those, too. I had to go to eBay for that and I finally got him today. Above is a comparison of the two. It's hard to believe it's really the same figure!

I really like the tube packaging. I'd love to have a bunch of these to stack in a display! But no, I will restrain myself there. I have to stop somewhere. As it stands, I ended up with a second clamshell Mike that is still unopened, I have a basic box set on the way, not to mention the NYCC Exclusive set that I also have. Oy!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Let's face it, patches aren't just for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Grown-ups like patches, too. It's not uncommon for small groups and organizations to create custom patches. It's also, oddly, not uncommon for licensed characters to appear on these patches. I have some such patches from Boy Scouts and fire houses that feature Turtles, but this one for NASA is my favorite. It's also the only such patch I've seen that's used art from an official TMNT artist. Anything based on A.C. Farley's work is ├╝ber-appealing to me!

UPDATE: Here's the official NASA page that explains the patch design:
The modules are named for significant engineers in Italian history, Rafaello, Leonardo and Donatello. This is the logo for the 3 Italian named modules developed by MPLM team members.  The logo, copyrighted by Mirage Studios, depicts a ninja turtle in an astronaut flight suit.   

A.C. Farley has also posted the artwork on his Facebook page, and had this to add:
They got in touch with Mirage and asked if we would do the patch. I got to do it because I am in love with the space program. They made enameled metal pins, embroidered patches and jackets and other stuff I never even seen.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kirby, The Fifth Turtle

Back when I posted about The Other Fourth Movie, someone requested to see the Kirby concept sketches from Kevin's Artobiography. Well, I just stumbled upon a snapshot of the sketches I took awhile ago, so here you are!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eric Talbot Arts Again

Eric Talbot has arted in his sketchbook yet again and shared the results on his blog. Lots of neat little details to check out on this one!

Leo and Usagi

A few weeks ago Stan Sakai posted this drawing of Leonardo and Usagi Yojimbo by Peter Laird to his blog. I was going to post it here then, but Stan scanned it in so darn big that I was fighting a losing battle with my computer trying to clean it up and resize it. Well, as of yesterday I have a shiny new computer, and it was able to handle the original file just fine. ^_^

Check out the date on this one - Very old school!