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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Leo and Usagi

A few weeks ago Stan Sakai posted this drawing of Leonardo and Usagi Yojimbo by Peter Laird to his blog. I was going to post it here then, but Stan scanned it in so darn big that I was fighting a losing battle with my computer trying to clean it up and resize it. Well, as of yesterday I have a shiny new computer, and it was able to handle the original file just fine. ^_^

Check out the date on this one - Very old school!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

TMNT Flashback: "Music Raph"

In honor of the recently revealed "Music Don" action figure showcased at The 5th Turtle, here's a look at how a "Music Turtle" was interpreted by someone who actually knows something about Ninja Turtles, the fantabulous Ryan Brown.

T-shirt, guitar, and no crazy chap pants - What a concept!

Don't miss Playmates' defense for "Music Don", posted today by Murphy. Thanks for all the love, Playmates. We're sending it right back atcha.

Interview with Dan Berger

Today, Newsarama has an interview with The Man himself, Dan Berger. Dan talks about what's on the horizon for the Tales of the TMNT title and a few other things. Admittedly, there isn't a whole lot of, if any, new info here, but it's always good to hear from Dan!

You can read the full interview here.

Tomorrow, Newsarama will have an interview with Steve Murphy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TMNT: Back to the Sewer - Update

This is a general post to acknowledge the existence of "TMNT: Back to the Sewer", the new season of the 4Kids cartoon that will begin airing this Fall.

Character style art has been drifting out through the fake "blog" on for about the last month or so. And there was the big "reveal" of the logo on the same "blog," at The Fifth Turtle, and on I've purposely avoided reporting all of this because I haven't forgotten the pledge I made back in February.

I don't think there's much to report beyond the release of the character style art that you can see on the above Web sites. Oh, there was the theme song contest a couple months ago. If anyone missed out on that I could probably post the MP3s.

I'm going to continue to not acknowledge this series, although I'm sure I'll make a mention of it right before the premiere and I'll let you know what I think after the premiere.

Tales of the TMNT #46 Now Available

Oops, I think I've slacked on posting comic releases lately.

So in case you weren't aware, Tales of the TMNT #46, "Temps" by Dan Berger and Jim Lawson, was released to comic shops last week. This story is set in the middle of the Volume 1 arc "City at War" and is one of the stronger issues of Tales we've seen lately.

If you haven't yet sporked your local comic shop into carrying the title, you can get it direct from Mirage at

Mini-Mutants Series 2 Now Shipping

I found the second series of the Mini-Mutants figures in Target tonight. This series is based on the old 2K3 Paleo Patrol figures. Each Turtle comes decked in dinosaur garb and comes paired with its own dino creature... thing.

Pics of the three Turtles that were on the peg (Mike, Leo, Raph) are below. Don can be seen on the back of the card to the left.

I personally can't find anything worth spending money on in this series, so I happily left them all on the peg as I continue my boycott of crappy TMNT products (about 99% of what is available right now). Although I suppose these are still a billion times better than "Music Don."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Turtle Man

Did you know there is a DC character known as Turtle Man, apparently an enemy of The Flash? Well, I can't say I know much of anything about The Flash, so this is brand new news to me.

In a complete bit of randomness tonight, I was digging through my comic boxes looking for stuff I could remove to make space for my new acquisitions. I found a book titled "Who's Who DC: A Definitive Directory of the DC Universe," which is pretty much what it sounds like. I put it in my discard pile (I'm pretty sure I got it as a give-away in a Con bag back at one of the old Minnesota comic shows), but before moving it to my eBay corner, where I'd throw it into a box as my own freebie, I took a closer look at the cover. This volume of the DC index included a "Turtle Man." So I opened it up to take a look and, amazingly, was met with a familiar style of art. Yes, this Turtle Man is penciled by none other than Peter Laird. Go figure!

And since I collect non-TMNT work by TMNT creators and artists, this book is saved from its forever fate of unwanted give-away item. Back into the box (this time with a bag and board)!