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Friday, October 5, 2007

More Halloween

A while ago on, Dan Berger made mention of an adult TMNT costume that would be available this Halloween. Fan Dorkfish found a picture of this costume a month or so ago, but I was hoping to quietly forget that it existed.

Fan tOkKa asked about the costume, so I'm posting the stock photo that was found. I haven't actually seen this in a store, but it's supposed to run around $150. I would recommend finding a better use for $150.

TMNT UK: Create Your Own Bad Guy Competition

For our friends in the UK:

London, September 2007 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic have launched a fantastic competition with, inviting children to create a villain who will get to battle the TMNT in the comic next year! The winner, as chosen by Titan, will also get a framed picture of their villain, drawn by an official comic artist.
There’s also a TMNT Fast Forward DVD for the winner and 3 runners-up, and copies of the comic for all.
Shredder, Jammerhead and the Foot Clan have all tried, and failed, to beat the awesome foursome…under 16s who think they can do better can visit and download the official entry form. Closing date for entries is October 15, 2007. Terms and conditions are available on
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic is out every four weeks, priced £2.60. Each issue has a cool free gift, plus all-new comic strips, puzzles and features and news on TV programmes and DVD releases. Issue 6 is out now with a free inflatable fighting staff.
Subscribe today, visit

About Titan Publishing

Titan Publishing Group is one of the world's largest publishers of licensed Film and Television publications and Graphic Novels, with two main divisions, Titan Magazines and Titan Books. The portfolio of Titan Magazines, the largest and most experienced publisher of licensed entertainment magazines in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, includes the #1 children’s comic in the UK, The Simpsons, Lost Magazine, 24 Magazine, SpongeBob SquarePants, Star Wars Magazine, and many others. For further details see

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Halloween Approaches

Halloween is less than a month away and stores are stocked full of costumes and other goodies. Amongst them you should be able to find some TMNT costumes. It seems that this year there is only the choice of Fast Forward-themed costumes. There is a basic version and a "deluxe" muscle version. Below are camera phone pics of a basic Leo costume and a muscle Raph costume.

First NECA Figure Sculpt

Today on his blog, Steve Murphy released an image of NECA's preliminary sculpt for their upcoming TMNT series of figures.
Here's a glimpse of NECA's first TMNT sculpt submission. As you can see, it is totally right on with regards to the way the TMNT looked in the first Mirage comic. PL was thrilled too, and had only one minor change to suggest with regards to the neck (not entirely visible here), asking that it be either shortened or thickened by about 20%.

The big picture can be found at The 5th Turtle.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Comic Book Day

It's new comic book day and today in shops you can find Tales of the TMNT #38, Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #3, and Tales of the TMNT: The Collected Books Volume 4.

If your shop doesn't carry these titles, all three are available from And don't forget that you can get Tales of the TMNT: The Collected Books Volume 4 with an exclusive bookplate drawn by Jim Lawson and signed by the Mirage staff at

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TMNT: Overload

Steve Murphy has updated his TMNT blog with some details of what almost became next season's TMNT series.
The basic idea behind Overload is that the Turtles, while traveling through time on their return home from the Fast Forward future, briefly get stuck in the past alongside their "kid" selves, and then, thanks to the quantum mechanics of villainous plot shenanigans, all 8 turtles arrive in the year 2008 ("home").

This premise was pitched by 4Kids, approved (apparently with a few minor revisions) by Mirage, but shot down by Playmates Toys, who funds 1/3rd of the show.

Playmates then apparently pitched a show that "reached back deeply into the universes of both the original cartoon series and the Archie comics." This was soundly rejected by both Mirage and 4Kids.

Which leaves us less than a year out from the '08 Fall season and with no TMNT show in development/production. The three involved parties all seem to have different agendas. Hopefully they can all work together to come up with a concept that appeals to everyone, including fans.

Here's a crazy concept: Four giant mutant turtles who study ninjitsu with their giant rat sensei live in New York City and fight various kinds of evil. Usually in the shadows. 'Cause they're ninjas. And they do ninja stuff.

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Japanese OP and ED Songs

New opening and ending theme songs for the Japanese dub of the 4Kids cartoon have now aired on TV Tokyo.

OP3: "EVERYBODY" by Turtles4

ED3: "Fighting Spirit" by Mirai Drive

CD single information will be posted when more concrete information is available.

Thanks to Mendinso for the videos!