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Friday, October 10, 2014

"Coming Out of Their Shells" Album Available for Digital Download

Holy guacamole! Either the world has ended or I am dreaming. Whatever reality this may be, the "Coming Out of Their Shells" album is now available for digital download through iTunes or

Yes, fellow Turtles fans, this is the infamous stage show soundtrack previously only available on cassette from Pizza Hut back in 1990.

Back then, that cassette could be had for less than $4. Now, for less than $10, you can get all 10 songs as high-quality MP3s. But hey, they extra $$ is totally worth the convenience of not having to fast forward through all that empty space at the end of "Pizza Power," or ever having to flip sides. Download it and add it to your phone and/or MP3 player today! Then turn up the volume and put it on repeat!

Track List:
  1. Out of Our Shells
  2. Sing About It
  3. Tubin'
  4. Skipping Stones
  5. Pizza Power
  6. Walk Straight
  7. No Treaties
  8. Cowabunga
  9. April Ballad
  10. Count on Us
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