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Friday, March 14, 2014

TMNT 2012, Episode 2.13 "Wormquake"

Last week when this episode first hit the Web I reported its title as "The Manhattan Project," because that was apparently its working title. However, its broadcast title will be "Wormquake." See it TONIGHT at a special time on Nickelodeon!

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the episode that features cameos from the original TMNT cartoon voice cast!


Episode 2.13 "Wormquake"
Facing Shredder's deadly new assassin, Leo must decide whether to risk his brother's lives or ask for Splinter's help.

Watch it on TV at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central time tonight! Check your local listings to be sure when it's on in your town!

You can also still watch this episode online at!


  1. Finally had the chance to check out this episode and it was really really good stuff. This show is so well done. It's done just right so it's fun for kids and big kids, like myself, alike. This episode in particular is even sweeter if you've been a fan since the 80's cartoon. The winks and nods are nostalgiariffic. A real treat. Watch it if you haven't yet. It's still on the Nick site linked in the post.