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Monday, July 15, 2013

Corey Feldman Announced as Voice of Slash

Late last year it was revealed that Corey Feldman would be voicing a character in the second season of Nickelodeon's TMNT cartoon. Initially, speculation was that Feldman might be voicing Casey Jones, but it was recently announced that Josh Peck would be playing that role.

The current issue of TV Guide has a small blurb (above) that announces Feldman to be playing Slash, the mutated form of Raphael's pet turtle, Spike. According to the article, Slash will be featured in at least two episodes next season.


  1. I think he looks cool. I kind of wish they would have stuck closer to the original Slash story though..with him being a snapping turtle. I'm still excited!

  2. ...aaaand they killed themselves. Again. *facepalm* this is why I don't watch the new show.

  3. He reminds me more of the action figure in colour, and of Bulkhead from Transformers Animated and Prime in terms of design (the under bite especially). The mace is a callback to the toy, and was also seen in an episode when April was choosing her weapon.

    Considering that Slash has no concrete story over each iteration, I wouldn't be surprised if they did their own thing with him.

  4. He will probably be like Leatherhead and only show up every now and then.

    1. He's a fifth turtle. There's no way he's gonna be an on-again off-again character.

  5. I'm excited about this. His contribution to the original movie was massive, and oh so exciting for us children of the 80's. It's good to see that he's returning to the world of TMNT. Plus, Mr. Feldman never lost cool points in my book.