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Friday, May 10, 2013

First Look at the Motion Capture Turtles

Filming is definitely in full gear for next year's new TMNT movie, with new photos from the streets of New York City hitting the Internet every day this week. Yesterday saw our first glimpse at the actors inside the motion capture suits for the Turtles. Let's take a look... (beware potential spoilers)

Aside from the capture suits themselves being rather interesting (and complete with shells), we can see that three of the Turtles (Mike, Leo, and Don) are in shackles and appear to be captured by the group of men in black fatigues. In the script that leaked online last summer, the Foot Clan was more of a military group than a ninja clan, so this could indicate that at least part of that script still survives.

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  1. Never seen that logo before. Is it official?

    1. Yeah it's official. It was seen on set on back of one of the actor/director chairs.

  2. It's what the new comic logo looks like from IDW Publishing

  3. The shells kinda look a little big for my taste but who knows, I hope the dudes in black aren't the Foot, they look stupid. The logo does look like the IDW Comic book logo, I wish they'd base this movie off of the comic, storylines like: reuniting with a long lost Raphael that the other 3 Turtles don't even know he exists, reincarnation, Old Hobb, Krang, The Foot, and have a more serious tone with some sprinkled in humor.

    But this will probably veer away from any Turtles story ever to become a Michael Bay movie, completely different other than maybe the 7% it takes to establish the characters and name it's based off, look at Transformers and cringe.....

  4. Mark. While I did agree with you about Megan Fox, Though so far they're not overly sexualizing her which has been the case in all the movie she was terrible in so maybe there is more to her. we will see in time. and what do you mean they look stupid they're in MoCap. The guys who brought you Gollum, and Rise of the planet of the apes is working on this, Some of the best most realistic CGI. How is that "whack" if anything it will look more realistic. Everything else is looking up so far they have cast great Actors for the turtles. They cast Vernon, Erma, and possible even Baxter Stockman, with the possibility of having mousers in the movie what more could you ask for