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Monday, March 25, 2013

"Ninja Turtles" Filming and Casting Updates

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports that next year's "Ninja Turtles" movie will film scenes at Big Tupper Ski Area, in Tupper Lake, NY, which currently sits dormant.
The movie is mainly being shot in New York City, but Paramount went to the state to find a ski slope where it would be able to shoot part of the action, said village Mayor Paul Maroun. 
Posted signs tell visitors to stay out of the Big Tupper Ski Area while a movie is being filmed there. 
"They needed a ski resort that was closed," Maroun said. "Big Tupper fit it perfectly."
Unfortunately, this news most likely means that the current working script is still based around the script that was leaked online last summer.

E-mail script/filming info and/or set pictures! Anonymity will be maintained!

In other news, actor Alan Ritchson has confirmed that he has been cast as Raphael in the movie.
It is assumed that Mr. Ritchson will be doing motion capture work for the role, although it is not confirmed it he will also be performing the voice.

With filming just about to begin, we should be hearing more casting information any time now. The only other known cast member at the moment is Megan Fox as April O'Neil.

1 comment:

  1. I didnt expect a whole re-working of the script, perhaps if they drop the Colonel Schrader and his special forces army instead of the traditional Shredder with his Foot clan, and drop the terrible "Turtle Warriors" concept and pick one of the 3 existing origin stories this movie wouldn't be so bad

    Instead Bay seems to completely dismiss the 30 year history and story of the TMNT, much like he crapped all over Transformers and the poor fans, I wish they'd give this movie to a REAL TMNT fan, not some schmo who sees it as a summer blockbuster that no one will like unless it's little kids who don't know any better because they don't know the true back story to the Turtles. I have lost all faith in this movie, why Bay can't just stick to a solid 30 year formula or even base it off the new IDW comic series is beyond me, all I know is this movie is gonna suck. This movie will be much like Transformers and the Turtles will actually play 2nd fiddle to Meagan Fox and whoever plays Casey Jones (if its Shia LaBeouf) I am gonna drop dead because when I joked around with friends and sarcastically said "watch, Meagan Fox is gonna be April" and irony kicked my square in the nuts.
    So why not just call it "Meagan Fox and the Teenage "ALIEN" Ninja Turtles"