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Monday, January 14, 2013

"Ninja Turtles" to Begin Filming in New York in April

While no details are currently available, the above tweet showed up over the weekend, declaring that filming on the upcoming live action TMNT movie would begin in New York starting in April. Previously, the movie had been scheduled to film in Vancouver (before getting shut down back in June). It is likely that New York filming will consist of establishing shots, considering the lower cost of shooting a movie in Vancouver.

Whatever the case, this news means that the movie is ready to start moving forward again. Let's just hope the script has been completely rewritten so that it doesn't at all resemble the absolute piece of crap script that was leaked online over the summer.


  1. keep us posted as to if you hear about any chances to be extras/crowd/when/where/etc... please!

  2. Do they start filming on April 1? :D

  3. I have to think that they made changes to the script. The internet uprising last year was too great to not make any changes. Now whether they are positive or negative changes is to be determined ...