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Friday, November 16, 2012

First Look at 2013 TMNT Toys from Playmates

Toy News International has posted a sneak peek of some images of new TMNT action figures and toys we can expect to see for sale next year from Playmates Toys.

The new assortment features the four Turtles in some sort of stupid outfits, Baxter Stockman, Snakeweed, some new vehicles, a pizza box that unfolds to reveal a playset, deluxe "Flinger" Turtles, and a few other things.

Frankly, I find myself extremely disappointed with what we see here. Playmates actually went to the trouble of making new Turtles sculpts that more closely reflect the designs of the series, and they still covered them in stupid costumes. Really, Playmates? Have all the complaints about this tired and outdated strategy of yours really fallen on deaf ears? How far are we from the return of Music Turtles?

The new sculpts are actually quite adorable. I would love to buy and display them! BUT I REFUSE TO BUY TURTLES IN STUPID THEME COSTUMES. These new Turtles should just have their traditional gear. Those figures would be awesome.

Ugh. I might buy the baby turtles, but otherwise I'll be spending my money next year actually learning karate.


  1. I actually like these toys. It's something of a TMNT tradition dating back to the original line to have them in crazy off beat costumes.

  2. I don't like the outfits either. It's always a complaint of mine. Just give us new sculpted poses and maybe more articulation points and different sculpted expressions. Maybe throw some more painted detail onto the weapons.

  3. You could, if the colors match- just pop off the heads and swap them with the others.

  4. I dont really like the new outfits on this line, they look like ghostbusters gear, but I will say I like that they are going to do many variations of the Turtles much like the original toy line, I had around 300 different figures when I was younger and almost all of the rides and playsets. I would like to see a normal version or base figure of the new cartoon though. There really never has ben any that really stay true to the cartoons.

  5. They are kids toys. Kids love stupid variants. I loved the music turtles and countless other variants on the main four when I was little. Us fans should enjoy the new characters and be glad children are liking this new TMNT enough to want the toys.

  6. @CobraCommander... You're exactly right. The toy line is geared to 3-6 year olds. Who else is going to play with plastic figures. If Playmates made the products just to sell to strange 30 year olds they'd be out of business. So, long story short, if you are one of those genuinely bothered by the direction of the toy line, it's probably time to get a life!