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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TMNT Costumed Characters Debut at Nick Hotel Memorial Day Weekend

TMNT costumed characters will begin appearing at Nick Hotel for meet and greets starting this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. No details about the meet and greets are available, but expect the costumes to be the same as the ones seen at Nickelodeon Universe back in March for the grand opening of the TMNT: Shell Shock ride (which, as an aside, has been closed for unknown maintenance reasons for the last few weeks). You can expect the Turtles to be an on-going attraction at the resort as the premiere of the new CGI series this fall comes ever closer.

If you're like me and you've never heard of Nick Hotel, here's how Nickelodeon describes it:
Located in the heart of Orlando’s tourism district, Nickelodeon Suites Resort, otherwise known as the Nick Hotel, is much more than a place for guests to lay their heads at night. From two over-the-top pool complexes with slides and flumes, to live entertainment and Character Breakfast featuring Nickelodeon’s beloved characters, to a multimillion dollar 4-D Theater, to the colorfully themed KidSuites and gallons upon gallons of slime, Nick Hotel offers nonstop activity from dawn to dusk for the entire family any time of the year.
Sounds neat!


  1. It's located just south of Walt Disney World. Very colorful. Similar look to the Disney All-Star Resorts. I live in Orlando so I think I'll stop by and see if I can take some pics.

    1. Awesome! If you do go, please send in some pics!