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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

IDW International Distribution

As some international comic books readers know, the new TMNT series hasn't been available in their local comic books stores. This has been due to IDW not having full international distribution rights for the series. This technicality seems to have been resolved, and there is good news: International distribution of IDW's TMNT books will start later this month with the release of TMNT #5 and Michelangelo #1. At the same time IDW is going to give the international readers a way to catch up with the story by releasing special "Global" editions of TMNT #1-4 and Raphael #1. These new global editions will all have a single cover, which reuses art from the original release of each book. You can see all of the new covers below.
Thanks to Rich for his help gathering these!

TMNT #1 - Global Edition
TMNT #2 - Global Edition

TMNT #3 - Global Edition
TMNT #4 - Global Edition

TMNT #5 - Global Edition
Raphael #1 - Global Edition


  1. Fantastic post as usual!!

    Don´t remember the last time I went to a proper comics book store... not tha there are many in venezuela, but i´ll see if they´ll be sold here.

    The selection of covers are great, specially the first 4 covers.

    Do you minf if I mention this in my spanish blog? Of course, you´ll be acredited!!


  2. Nice to know the comic is going more global. On the other hand, does this mean another variant to collect, hah hah?! Still, I've been able to get the US releases here in the UK okay so far, so I imagine it will continue. I'd still prefer the originals to these "global" versions...

  3. Man even more great varaints to try to track down, looks like I'll have to go to ebay to try and snag these.