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Monday, November 28, 2011

Infestation 2 Ashcan Preview

Last week, IDW released an Ashcan preview of their upcoming INFESTATION 2 crossover event. The Ashcan was distributed to comic shops as a freebie, so ask your local shop if they got any.

In addition to setting up the premise of the infestation at the heart of the crossover, the book also confirms all of the release dates for the different INFESTATION 2 titles.

At this point in time, it is believed that TMNT fans who are only interested in the TMNT content will need to buy the two main INFESTATION 2 title (#1 on sale 1/25/12, #2 on sale 4/11/12) that bookends the event, and the two INFESTATION 2: TMNT books (#1 on sale 3/7/12, #2 on sale 3/21/12). The other crossover books surely add additional depth to the overall story, but without any TMNT content.

Download the Ashcan as a PDF here.
Or view it online here.

Thanks to Master Splinter for the PDF scans!

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