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Monday, August 1, 2011

Full Scan of IDW's TMNT Ashcan

Thanks to absolutely everyone who participated in the TMNT ashcan comic giveaway over the weekend. I've just notified the four winners and they'll be receiving their comics soon!

For everyone else, I've put together a PDF scan of the complete ashcan! Now, this is not something I would usually do, but IDW had mentioned on their forum that they would be posting the entire thing eventually, and seeing as they haven't yet, I thought I would.

So check out this preview, and then pick up the first issue of the new series later this month at your local comic store. Things are shaping up to be a wild and fun ride!

Download the ashcan here.


  1. I have a question do you know the exact day the actual comic comes out?

  2. I have heard the 24th, but I don't think that's set in stone.

  3. Thank you so much for the scans! They pretty much made my day. ♥

    I must say the new comic looks absolutely AMAZING - the artwork is badass (exactly what I was hoping for), the story is looking up and I like the new villian too!

    I'm not sure I understood well though: will the ashcan preview pages be included in the first issue or is this a completely separate, special release the pages of which won't be featured anywhere else?

  4. These are the same first 8 pages you'll see in issue #1.

  5. well, seeing as megaupload is shut down -- is there any way you could re-up this to rapid-share? :D

    1. Ah, yes. I actually have the Megaupload problem resolved with all the downloadables on the site, except for this one. I have to hunt down the PDF file so I can reupload it. :p