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Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Panel to Panel: Exploring Words & Pictures" Available to Pre-order

Back when Mirage was still publishing, they had struck a special relationship with John Rovnak of Books ordered through John often included exclusive, signed bookplates, usually featuring brand new art. Well, times change. Mirage no longer publishes comic books, and John no longer sells them. However, John has been working on a very cool project that is just about ready to (finally!) be published.

Using the connections and relationships he's established through his years as a comics fan and retailer, John has compiled a book of comics, art, interviews, and articles that feature many creators whose names will be familiar to TMNT fans. You can read the full contents on the Panel To Panel website.

Here are the highlights that should be of particular interest for TMNT fans:
  • STEVE MURPHY: Comes Out of his Shell by John Rovnak.
  • MARK BODE: A 21st Century Renaissance Man by John Rovnak.
  • DAVE SIM: The General in His Labyrinth by Jon Mathewson.
  • BUDDY COPS in Full-Color by Mark Martin.
  • BEAT PANELS: OR; IS THERE MONEY IN POETRY COMICS? by Stephen R. Bissette featuring the graphic poetry of Peter Money and Rick Veitch.
  • An archive of past interviews, from, featuring DAVID MACK, LARRY MARDER, LARRY HAMA, JAIME HERNANDEZ, JAMES STURM and STAN SAKAI.
  • and more….

The book is scheduled to ship in August or September. Order yours now!!

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