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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nickelodeon TMNT 2012 Voice Cast Revealed

Sean Astin is Raphael; Greg Cipes is Michelangelo


Nickelodeon today revealed, via press release,, and Rob Paulsen, that Sean Astin and Greg Cipes are on board to play Raphael and Michelangelo, respectively, in the new CGI animated series set to debut next fall. Rob Paulsen, who will be the voice of Donatello in the series, further revealed Hoon Lee to be the voice of Splinter. Jason Biggs has been previously announced as the voice of Leonardo.

While Greg Cipes was present at the Nickelodeon Fan Preview Event a couple months ago, Sean Astin was not. Instead, voice actor Eric Bauza was present as Raphael. According to Rob Paulsen's post to Facebook this morning, Nickelodeon had been waiting to finalize the deal with Astin before making the final casting announcement. Hoon Lee was also present at the Fan Preview Event as Splinter.

Even though he won't be Raphael in the series, Bauza did make for a fantastic Raphael in the pilot animatic, and he was kind enough to also sign an autograph for me.

And although Sean was not at the Fan Preview Event, I absolutely adore Samwise Gamgee (among his other awesome roles), so I've had his autograph for quite a few years. ^_^


  1. I was drinking some soda and I clicked on ninja pizza in my bookmarks... I need to clean my computer!

  2. hmm... weird choice for Raph... but, maybe it'll work. Sean Astin would make a good Leo I'd think, But, who am I to say?

  3. Nobody is better then Eric Bauza! Bauza = BEST!!!

  4. I'm a big Sean Astin fan but an even bigger ERIC BAUZA Fan. Dude did Stimpy as good as Billy West for chrissakes!

  5. For some extra nostalgia, can there be a time in the new CGI series when Raph (voiced by Sean Astin) says something like, "Turtles never say die!" That would be a funny (even tho cheesy) throwback to Astin's role in "The Goonies". So it's like he went from playing a "Mikey" to voicing a "Raph". :)