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Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Details on IDW's Comic Book Plans for TMNT

The drive up to San Francisco today was worth it, as it turned into a very productive day at WonderCon. I went to the IDW booth mostly searching for Scott Dunbier, who was named as editor of the upcoming TMNT series with yesterday's announcement. However, when I saw someone at the booth wearing a familiar Nickelodeon t-shirt, I took a chance and started chatting with him. That man turned out to be IDW COO Greg Goldstein, who was then kind enough to sit down with me and answer some general questions about what we can expect to see from them in the upcoming years. Here's a summary of the questions asked along with their answers.

Q: Will we see additional reprints beyond the first 11 issues?
Yes, most likely, although the formats of the books may vary.

I mentioned that there is high demand for a "City At War" collected book, and Mr. Goldstein responded very positively to that possibility, especially on hearing that it had never before been collected.

Q: Does IDW have the rights to reprint the Archie comics?
YES. Because those books are based on the [old] cartoon, the thinking right now is to hold onto them until the Nickelodeon cartoon starts next year, but he could be persuaded to start sooner if interest was high enough.

Q: Will the new series be in black & white or color?

Q: Will the reprints be in black & white or color?
Black & white.

I only specified the already announced Mirage reprints with this question, so I don't know what answer would apply to the potential Archie reprints, since I'm assuming those would need to be recolored because of the story from Steve Murphy about how Mirage apparently let Archie throw them all away.

Q: Will the collected books be available in bookstores/

I know that was a really stupid and obvious question and answer, but given Mirage's track record for not doing that, I had to hear a solid yes on this one.

Q: Can we expect to see the TMNT be a part of IDW's digital publishing platform?

Q: When can we expect to start seeing new material?
There will be new material by the end of the summer.

I think that last one was covered in the press release, but oh well. Consider it extra confirmation.

And that was about it. I didn't really push for more information on the new series, because they had clearly announced everything there was to announce about it - so far - yesterday. However, it was a really positive conversation and Mr. Goldstein is clearly excited on a personal level about being able to publish new and old TMNT books and he intends for the title to be an IDW staple for many, many years to come.