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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nickelodeon TMNT Fan Preview Event - Official Images

If you haven't seen them yet on Facebook, here's all of the pictures that were provided to us on a neato little USB thumb drive.

Yes, that's a third toe. No, I do not like it.


  1. got a TMNT thumb drive? I think I am most covetous of that. And I agree with the third toe thing. It looks weird. Still, overall quite full of awesome.

  2. Damn! I just thought to check how big it is, and it's 4GB! I was thinking it'd be 1GB at most - they only gave us 4.5MB worth of stuff.

  3. I think they will fix the "third toe" before production finishes. Otherwise there would have been 3 toes in the preview art

  4. Unless they change it based on our feedback, the third toe is firmly established as part of the design.

  5. -->> Rose, .. withg your permission .. may i post these on my Flickr ( with your credit & ONLY posting them on my Flickr no place else .. ) for archival reasons ?? Like how i posted the 4kids TMNT pix for evolution processes .