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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fusco Script of TMNT Movie "Not Great"

Technodrome forum member Slap Happy found this link, which has an very interesting line concerning the TMNT movie currently in development with Paramount:

Fusco draft not great; looking for another writer to come on this quickly as its a huge Viacom property.

Of course, John Fusco was the writer who was hired to write this movie last year before Nickelodeon/Viacom bought the TMNT from Mirage Studios. Hopefully the movie gets back on track and hopefully it'll be something that does justice to the potential of the TMNT brand.


  1. So Fusco was the one that Mirage hired to write it? Interesting if so..

  2. Just as well I was REALLY skeptical of Fusco's ability to write for TMNT. His film credits don't suggest he's equipped for them, I mean, they're not horses for starters. I'm really glad that the studio is interested in quality.

  3. The 2 guys that helped wrote Iron Man are on board.