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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unpublished A.C. Farley Cover Sketch

Back in the 90s, Mirage Studios published a series of TMNT collected books that, err ... collected some of Mirage's TMNT comic book stories. Seven volumes were published and all seven volumes featured brand new art created exclusively for those covers by A.C. Farley. However, before the series of books got canceled after the seventh volume, Farley had sketched out the cover for what would have been volume 8. This volume would have included Mark Bode's Egyptian story (TMNT #32). And Mr. Farley was kind enough to share this sketch today on his Facebook page.

Too bad it wasn't to be!


  1. Simply awesome! I love seeing any new Farley piece, no matter how old it is. Do you know what other issues might have been included?

  2. There's going to be a new episode of TMNT back to the sewers next saturday morning 4kids is probably going to wrap up that show before things get hand over to nick

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