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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SDCC Exclusive Figure: April O'Neil

A "nifty nugget" of SDCC news comes to us tonight from Randy Falk at NECA via Peter Laird:

"I just wanted to send over an image of our SDCC exclusive for this summer. It will be a brand new April O' Neil figure that comes with a Battle Damaged Mouser and a Regular Mouser with a new head featuring an articulated jaw.

This is the first non Turtle figure in the NECA TMNT collection

This version of April will be available at San Diego Comic Con this July.

We are going to try to make arrangements to offer a small amount of figures online for those who can not attend SDCC."

So there ya go - April figure for Comic-Con! (Now where's my Foot Elite, hmm?!!)


  1. YES! I didn't think NECA was still go what with the Playmates confusion and all. This is awesome.

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  3. Just a question, why it is exclusive?

    U can pre-ordere it at big bad toy with the other figures -utrom, shredder, foot soldier and a elite soldier-

  4. Tokka answered my question, so never mind.
    i need to read carefully this posts.