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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ixnay on the Hardcover

On Monday, Comic Book Resources reported that next year would see a hardcover release of the first 15 issues of the original TMNT comic book. Well, it seems someone there was either misinformed or spoke too soon. I have been informed by a reliable inside source that this is only half true. Mirage will collect the first 15 issues of the original TMNT comic book, but it will be as a trade paperback and not as a hardcover.

While this is disappointing news, it is not particularly surprising. And while this will be a great opportunity for fans to get these issues without paying the generally high price of one of the old collections on eBay, I must say I have my doubts about the overall quality of this book. The binding and paper quality on the old book (above, left) was absolutely perfect and it makes for the perfect reading experience of these fantastic stories. However, the printer Mirage has been using for the last seven or so years has been less than impressive with the quality of their collected books. The cover of my copy of the collected TMNT movie prequel and adaptation comics came unglued the first time I cracked it open. This Volume 1 collection will be about three times the size of that; you might want to mind your cover.

And remember, you'll have to order this from your local comic book store as Mirage continues to refuse to sell books in bookstores, even though it would result in a hella lot of sales for them.


  1. -->> strategies in their publishing HAVE to change's as simple as that.



  2. Unfortunately, they don't HAVE to do anything and it's extremely unlikely that anything will change so long as Gary's around.

  3. Man, I was SO pumped for a hardcover.

    And I agree, WTF is up with their books lately? It's not hard to get a book bound right. How cheap can you be?

  4. Shit, the last collected book volume five I recieved from them was so messed up I had to rebuy just so I could put a decent one on the shelf. You order something from Mirage and its like they just throw books loosely in a box and send it on its way.

  5. I am actually relieved that it is in a TPB and not a hardcover. I never buy HC's, and it would of sucked for this to come out and then i couldn't buy it.