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Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 ToyFair Round-Up

Ah, Toy Fair. It's one of two or three times a year where fanboys and fangirls everywhere gather around their computer monitors to drool over pictures of little plastic dust collectors. Naturally, I love it! ^_^

While the TMNT showing at Toy Fair is never huge, this year felt particularly disappointing. Well, half good, half bad. The display of the new NECA figures was nice, but nothing particularly new (especially for readers of The 5th Turtle). We did get to see the painted April prototype for the first time (with mousers!). Perhaps best of all is the numerous Web sites photos of these figures showed up on, giving the figures wider exposure to collectors at large.

But then there's one of the longest constants in the world of the TMNT: Playmates Toys. Their TMNT display, to quote Steve Murphy, was.. lame. The entire display consisted of the Mini-Mutants line and (brace yourself) re-issues of the old MECH Wrekkers figures (now called Shell Shifters), this time with movie figures thrown into the center. I will admit to purchasing the original MECH Wrekkers Michaelangelo, but only because I found it on clearance at Target for $10 (possibly less)! What kind of idea is it to rerelease toys that didn't sell well in the first place? I digress...

In the Mini-Mutant department, it was revealed that Playmates isn't just dressing the Turtles in stupid extreme sports gear, but also secondary characters like Drako. Yay?

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much; this just leaves me with more money to spend on the cool stuff that was shown at Toy Fair. Let's see, there's General Kenobi, 12" Indy, Indy Mighty Muggs, Doctor Who Mini Mates, Flight Control TARDIS, Doctor Who Weeping Angel (I'll need 4 of these), Padme Evolutions set, and more Galactic Heroes than I can count.

What do all of these toys have in common? Absolutely none of them are dressed in made-up costumes and all of them are awesome.

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