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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saliendo De Sus Caparazones

In addition to being a collector of obscure TMNT items, I'm also a bit of a tech geek. This means I ask for things like USB turntables for Christmas. And, having received such an item, I have now used my basic audio editing skillz to record the LP of the Spanish translation of the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour to MP3.

As such, I am offering these files for download for a limited time. You can download the album here. Grab 'em while they're there!

Track Listing:
  1. Rap Del Tortugon (original song)
  2. Baila Tortuga (original song)
  3. Cuenta Con Nosotros (Dance Mix) (original mix)
  4. Saliendo De Nuestros Caparazones (Coming Out Of Our Shells)
  5. El Poder De La Pizza (Pizza Power)
  6. Buscando Piedras (Skipping Stones)
  7. A Luchar (Walk Straight)
  8. Cowabunga
  9. No Hay Tratos (No Treaties)
  10. Sigue A Tu Corazon (Follow Your Heart)
  11. Cuenta Con Nosotros (Count On Us)


  1. This is a hell of a find. It's nostalgic, hilarious, and painful to listen to, all in one. Kinda makes me want to get a bite to eat at La Casa Dos Pizza as well.

  2. It is pretty awesome in that so bad it's good kind of way, isn't it?

    Actually, I find that I quite like the first couple songs that are brand new. Some of the translated songs are horribly off-pitch, though and Splinter makes me want to hide all children within earshot.

  3. Oh, nacho! Let me know if the title of track 9 is correct. The LP cover translated it as "Sing About It," but it is definitely "Follow Your Heart." I don't know what the Spanish says it is, though.

  4. The track 10 is called "Sigue A Tu Corazón"(Follow your heart)

  5. excuse me, could you please re upload that album?
    or upload a blog where i could be able to found it???
    thanks anyway