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Friday, August 31, 2007

Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #2

Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #2 is now in comic shops.

Go get it!

New Interview With Kevin Eastman

Newsarama has posted a new interview with TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman. Apparently there's a part two that we'll see on Monday.

This one's a good read - Check it out here.

Thanks to xmen510 for the link.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

NECA to Produce Comic-Based TMNT Action Figures!

Now this is some exciting news.

In an interview with Action Figure Times, Randy Falk of NECA reports that the company will be releasing comic book-based TMNT figures.

RoAR: Will this be oriented toward the animated series or the original Eastman/Laird comics or a different source?
RF: Starting with the Eastman/Laird comics and we’ll go from there. Expect more detail and texture and loads of articulation on these.

That's the extent of details so far, but as soon as more is known, you'll find the info here!

Thanks to mattmanw54301 for the link.

TMNT Alien Hunter Action Figures

Toy News International has posted pictures of eight new TMNT figures from Playmates for 2008. This Alien Hunter series features each of the four Turtles and four new alien characters.

Visit TNI for pics of each figure.

Thanks to Ectocooler for the link!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Fast Forward Comic Art

Writer Jake Black shares with us three new pages of pencils for a UK-exclusive TMNT Fast Forward comic story. You can check out these pages on Jake's blog.

Thanks Jake!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Auto Attack Action Figures Now In Stores

The new Auto Attack action figures are now being sighted in stores. Below are pics of the Leonardo and Raphael figures.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tales of the TMNT #41


Tales of the TMNT #41
Ship Date: December, 2007
Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic
Retail Price: $3.25 US $3.95 Canada

Cover art by Steph Dumais; story by Murphy, art by Steph Dumais

“The Sword.” In the far-flung future an aging Leonardo battles a familiar foe from the past… one final blood-soaked time. Picking up a plot thread from Tales #13, this issue features the wild art of Zombie Commandoes from Hell creator Steph Dumais! With a frontispiece by!