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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Original Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition


Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Original Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition

Ship Date: November, 2007

Format: 288 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic
Retail Price: $18 US $20 Canada

Cover by Jim Lawson and Mike Dooney; stories by Jim Lawson, Ryan Brown and Peter Laird; art by Jim Lawson, Ryan Brown and others.

Treasury Edition reprint collecting the entire original Vol. 1 run of Eastman and Laird’s Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… plus an all-new, never-before-published full-length story and all-new frontispieces by Jim Lawson! Includes the first appearance of the Rat King, Leatherhead and many other characters! A TMNT classic!

Tales of the TMNT #40, Page 8

Diego Jourdan has posted a preview of page 8 from Tales of the TMNT #40 on his blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New T-Shirts

Kohl's stores now have available two t-shirts featuring the 4Kids TMNT logo. You can click on each picture to go to a link to purchase the shirt at, but you might be able to score a significant discount if you wander down to your local store.

Thanks to ToTheNines for the links.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Interview With Steve Murphy

Murphy has posted a new, fan-conducted interview over at The 5th Turtle.

Here are a few highlights:
We should know this Friday (July 13) whether or not Imagi (animation studio) and Warner Brothers/Weinstein Group (distribution) plan on going forward with a sequel.

All I know about TMNT V. 4 is that Peter Laird (its writer and creative guru) hopes to return to working on it by the end of the calendar year. At least that’s what I heard this morning from our CEO.

Given the way Mirage Publishing is going, I would doubt very much that we’ll ever see The Forever War storyline (from Archie’s TMNT Adventures) getting published.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Old Japanese OP and ED Songs

After the post with the new Japanese theme songs, GreenWillow requested the info on the first Japanese theme songs. So here it is.

Title: 情熱の風 (Wind of Passion)
Artist: The Inazuma Sentai
CD Single Catalog Number: CRCP-10170
CD Release Date: 2007/05/09
Where to Buy: | CDJapan
Watch the Video
Watch the Music Video

Title: サマーファイター (Summer Fighter)
Artist: Kamogawa
CD Single Catalog Number: CRCP-10171
CD Release Date: 2007/05/09
Where to Buy: | CDJapan
Watch the Video

Watch Part of the Music Video

Most of this info was compiled by Gobo.

TMNT: The Collected Movie Books Bookplate

Here's a look at the Panel to Panel exclusive bookplate that is tipped into their copies of TMNT: The Collected Movie Books.

If you're not aware, Panel to Panel has offered an exclusive bookplate for each Collected book that Mirage has published in the last year and they will continue to do so with new books that are released.

Each bookplate features brand new art (with the exception of the one shown here, which is obviously style guide art from the new movie) and is hand signed by at least the artist and sometimes one or more additional people. They make for very unique additions to your TMNT comic book collection.

New Interview With Steve Murphy

Newsarama has posted a new interview with (outgoing) Tales of the TMNT editor, Steve Murphy. I've quoted what I found to be the most interesting chunks of text below. You can read the entire interview here.

Tales will continue to come out monthly, the trades will continue quarterly, and we'll continue with our yearly solo-Turtle mini-series projects. At least through the end of 2008. After that, things are, well, rather murky. As Jim Morrison sang: "the future's uncertain, and the end is always near." How's that for being cryptic?

I've recently begun negotiations with a publisher of trade paperbacks who does have distribution into the chain bookstores. While the deal is not signed yet, should it come to be, they would be coloring and publishing collections of Mirage comic books, most likely the current run of Tales.

From where I am right now, the future looks... mixed. While plans are underway for a new direction for the cartoon show in 2008, we still do not have a green light as to a movie sequel. Comics will be published at least through the end of 2008 (as noted above). To our double-headed licensing stream of cartoon-based and movie-based, we will be actively pursuing what we're calling "retro," which is a third licensing stream, one that's based on the classic TMNT cartoon. As far as the future of Mirage itself, only time and Peter Laird will tell.